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Jerry Treiman American Archive

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Waltham 16s bridge model JT001 JT00199bridge2.jpg

  16 size, 1899 model, American Watch Co. grade, open-face, 23 jewels, bridge model, no serial number on top. Probably an employee's personally finished watch, this was made up from plates from a 7-jewel movement, with balance cock and balance wheel from a P.S. Bartlett.

Bezel wrench JT002 JT002casewrench.jpg JT003 JT003wrencllabel.jpg

  Front and back views of a wrench used to remove/replace a special bezel that holds the crystal in place in patented 18-size cases made by Waltham Watch Case Co., and also used on some Crescent cases. Label reads: "This wrench is to accompany the Waltham Patent Dust Proof, glass bezel, now being introduced on Waltham Screw Bezel Cases. It holds the glasses firmly and closely, absolutely excluding all dust and moisture, without the use of cement. It will permit the use of several different sizes of glass. It is the only perfect Dust Proof Glass Bezel ever made. It will be recognized by its Gold Reflector."

Fredonia (private label) JT004 JT004Fredonia.jpg JT005 JT005Fredial.jpg

  18 size, hunting, 15 jewels, #4812. Flash-gilded private-label for Chas. H. Upmeyer, Milwaukee, Wis. Dial marked "Fredonia N.Y."

Amn. Watch Co., 1888 model JT006 JT006AmnWCom3.jpg JT006AmnWCod3.jpg

  Waltham, 16 size, 1888 model, Amn. Watch Co. grade, open-face, 17 jewels, #6,560,271. Upgraded jeweling and finish on this watch (listed as 15j) suggests an employee's watch. Single-sunk glass-enamel dial.

Waltham 12-size models JT007 JT007_94_97_ColSer.jpg

  This trio of type-movements illustrates the main variants of the basic split-plate 1894-model 12-size (top movement). Lower left is 1897 14-size. Lower right is Colonial Series (14-size dial). The 1894 model and Colonial Series were also made in a modified bridge pattern (see JT008 and JT009).

Bigelow, Kennard & Co., 21j JT008 JT008_12size1894BK&Co.jpg

  Waltham, 12 size, 1894 model, Riverside Maximus grade, open-face, 21 jewels, #11,032,300. Private-label movement for Bigelow, Kennard & Co., Boston incorporates BK&Co patented recoiling click (British patent by Lake). This early example indicates "PAT.PDG."

Waltham Patrician JT009 JT009ColonialSeries_Patrician.jpg

  Waltham, 14 size, Colonial Series, Maximus grade, open-face, 23 jewels, #17,051,813. Private-label 'Special" is cased in patent-setting case by H.W.Matalene.

AT&Co. Non-Magnetic JT010 JT0101883NonMag.jpg

  Waltham, 18 size, 1883 model, A.T.&Co. grade, hunting, 15 jewels, #6,008,285. Marked "non-magnetic".

Bigelow, Kennard & Co. 0-size & 12-size JT011 JT011BKmaxm.jpg JT011BKmaxd.jpg

  This is a pair of Waltham Riverside Maximus grade open-face movements (0-size 19 jewel and 12-size 23 jewel) made for this Boston jewelry firm. BK&Co. purchased movements from Waltham in several sizes and grades. Most incorporate a recoiling click patented (British) by Lake for BK&Co.

Illinois Central, 12 size JT012 JT012Ill_Cent.jpg

  Illinois, 12 size, third model, grade 404, open-face, 17 jewel, #3,110,175. Two-tone damasceened movement marked "ILLINOIS CENTRAL" with matching marked dial.

Two-tone damasceening JT013 JT0132tone.jpg

  Four movements illustrating styles of two-tone damasceening. Upper left is 6-size, 16-jewel, New Columbus. Upper right is 18-size, 15-jewel Seth Thomas. Lower left is 18-size, 17-jewel, Columbus "Railway King". Lower right is 18-size, 17-jewel, Columbus.

Amn. Watch Co., 1872 model JT014 JT01472Amnmvt.jpg JT01472Amndial.jpg

  Waltham, 16 size, 1872 model, Amn. Watch Co. grade, hunting, 16 jewels, #913,263. Dial marked "American Watch Co." in script.

E.Howard Series III JT015 JT015SerIIImvt.jpg JT015SerIIIdial.jpg

  E.Howard & Co., N size, Series III, 15 jewel, #17267. Includes Mershon's patent regulator.

Rockford 17j dome model
16 size 17 jewel dome model does not match the common serial number grade list description.
Wm. Ellery
This 1857 model, marked Wm. Ellery, Boston, Mass., has a serial number 74,011.
Bond St Grade
14 size 84 model movements listed in hand written records as AWWCo Bond St grade, Star & Crest. Gilt mvt May-Nov 1887, Nickel Mar-May 1889
Waltham 88 Non-magnetic
Waltham 1888 model, Riverside grade, OF, non-magnetic, from the first production run (3,574,626).  Original Waltham silver case #52
Niello Keystone Case
This example of niello on silver case work is from the Keystone Watch Case Co.  Obviously a custom case with the owners initials (factory done), this was made around 1901.  This case (#5,037,755) is apparently very close in production to the preceding example, but has a threaded back and bezel.  It houses an Elgin grade 194 movement.
Niello Keystone Case
This example of niello on silver case work is from the Keystone Watch Case Co.  Obviously a custom case with the owners initials (factory done), this was made around 1901.  A Keystone Watch Case Co advertisement from this date features Niello cases and explains "Niello is a jet-black lustrous compound -- an artificial metal.  In the now well-known Niello watch cases the ornamentation is produced by cutting an artistic design into the silver on backs and centers, and filling in the space where the silver is removed with Niello."  Niello is described elsewhere* as "a soft grey enamel made from lead, silver, copper, borax and sulphur.  This case (#5,037,742) has a hinged double-back and bezel.  It houses a Waltham Riverside movement.  [*Britten's Watch & Clock Maker's Handbook, Dictionary and Guide, 16th edition (1978)]
0 size Elgin 1st Model JT030  
Waltham 12S 24hr dial JT031  
Waltham Loaner Dial JT032 16-size Waltham loaner dial for Brock & Co., Equity style numbers
Waltham HC Dial JT033 18-size 1883-model Htg. Waltham, double-sunk glass enamel dial from Crescent St. grade
Waltham pressed seconds  JT034 18-size 1883-model Htg. Waltham, pressed seconds dial
Waltham Non-magnetic
JT036 (3)
Waltham 1892 model, grade #45, hunting, Non-Magnetic, 17j, serial number 7,013,861, manufactured between May 1896 and August 1900.
dust cap from original case was installed in the now-very worn replacement open-face case.  "Presented to Seth B. Smith, Foreman Electrical Department of U.V.C.Co. [United Verde Copper Company] by the employees.  March 24th 1900, Jerome, Arizona".  A non-magnetic watch would be an obvious choice for someone in the electrical department of a major copper mine, and Mr. Smith obviously valued the watch and its presentation enough to have the original inscribed cap removed to a new case when the old one wore out.
Illinois "Railroader" JT037 Illinois 18-size, 2nd model, Grade 4.  Also known as the Railroader, this is not a true railroad watch.  This hunting movement is lever-set, has 11 jewels and a 24-hour dial.  This is one of 5000 made.