NAWCC Information Storage

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Workers Together

The following people contributed transcription services to this project:

WB - Wes Boger, PoorDudeFromCal
SM - Steve Mercer
DH - Dave Hudnall
BR - Bradley Ross
JT - Jerry Treiman
MH - Mike Hodo
AD - Art DeKalb
BW - Brian Watson
TG - Tom Gettman
WA - Wayne Andersen
WS - Wayne Schlitt
HD - Hans Dahlke
JF - John Fogarty
CM - Cort Moore
MM - Mike Miller
LS - Larry Seikel
JW - John Wilson
TM - Tom McIntyre, tommythejoat

We would like to offer special thanks to Jim Schneider who transcribed the entire serial number list published in 1954 as the "Gray Book." This effort not only provided serial numbers from the 7.55 million count to the end of production, but also provided model information for all the serial runs.

Since completion of the transcription, Greg Davis has been very helpful in performing consistency checks against the database and offering advice on presentation.

In so far as there are still errors in the database, they are due to my lack of progress in correcting them and making available tools to the other workers to allow them to make corrections.

Tom McIntyre, September 2004