NAWCC Information Storage

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Model, Name and Jewel Count

This query will allow you to find all runs with a particular model year, text in the Name field, number in the jewel count field and size. The jewel count and size ask for ranges so you can select multiple sizes within the model. You may also leave the name field blank and retrieve all names. Models such as KW18, KW20, etc require an entry in both the model and size fields to select just for a particular KW model. These are not recorded with a model year.

The results reports the starting  and ending  date of each run and the first and last serial number. The jewelling column is the description from the handwritten records, while the gJwl column is the jewel count reported in the printed serial number list (the "gray" book). The Mat'l column is the information on material grade quality from the printed list and the comment column is miscellaneous information from the handwritten ledgers.



DateStart DateEnd SerialStart SerialEnd Model Name Size Jeweling jsJewels jsMaterial Comment
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