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Model and Grade

This query is useful for finding all the runs and observations of a particular model and grade. If you don't know exactly how the grade is represented in the database, use fewer letters. You may use the character "%" as a wild card. Using % as the grade name will return all grades of a model. Using % in the model field will return all models with the grade. You can use the Grades Summary report to see all the grade names that are used in the processed grade name field.

This query uses processed information that attempts to make the grade names uniform and the model years unique. For model years with more than one size model for that year, the smaller sizes have the size appended to the year. Thus the 1870 model is the 18 size Crescent St and the 1870-14 is the 1870 model KW14. In processing this data I have undoubtedly made a number of errors and will be searching these out. If you find errors, please report them to me.

To see the details for any run you may click on the First field and it will show a form with the details for that run.

Runs below 7,550,000 that show no dates are generally marked "not delivered" in the records. Some of these numbers have been observed, which implies that the movements were retained in stock for an extended period. Some of these may have been subsequently destroyed.


Summary Report

Model Grade Jewels Style Earliest Latest First Last Runs Count
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Runs Report

Earliest Latest First Last Count Model Grade Jewels Size Plate Finish Set Style
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