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Grade Summary Report

This report lists all the grade names used in the standardized grade name field of the database. There are many sources of grade names and these names have been chosen to be relatively easy to remember. The database is still being worked on and there are many spurious grades that will disappear over time.

Waltham grade names typically cover several models. This report allows you to show names based on frequency of use. The models listed are not necessarily all the models, they represent the first model and last model (alphabetically) for which the grade appeared. Toward the end of production Waltham stopped using model designations on smaller grades. For many of these a derived model in the form of "L-" and the model designation found in the Waltham parts catalogs for the model/grade.

Minimum Count 
Maximum Count
Use the Maximum and Minimum to control the number of grades displayed. Values of 1 and 10 million will show all grade names. Values of 1 and 100 will only show scarce grade names.



Grade First Model Last Model Runs Total
No records returned.