NAWCC Information Storage

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Fasoldt 359
United States Grade
United States Grade
Marion Private Label
United States 1/4 Plate Bridge

Northern Exposure

This collection is rather extensive and contains several images of many of the watches. It is arranged so that each of the thumbnails will take you to the page of watch information. The thumbnails are also reflected in the left column links to the same pages. The dials are self explanatory and clicking on any of those images will show a larger image.

Studebaker.jpg (374173 bytes) MoorhouseBleighFront.jpg (342755 bytes) MoorhouseBleighBack.jpg (278591 bytes) FancyHoward.jpg (371494 bytes)
M. F. Studebaker runic dial for Howard   Private label Moorhouse dial  Private label Moorhouse dial signature Fancy Howard Dial
MoorhouseHowardConversionFront.jpg (340322 bytes) MoorhouseHowardConversionBack.jpg (518674 bytes) UnsignedHoward.jpg (355926 bytes) SignedHowardDial.jpg (346396 bytes)
Moorhouse conversion dial Moorhouse signature on conversion dial  Unsigned Howard Dial Signed Howard Dial
MoorhouseNotFancy.jpg (507640 bytes) NsizeConversionDial.jpg (341740 bytes) SerIIIredon1890s.jpg (330231 bytes) SingleSunkSplitPlate.jpg (378692 bytes)
Moorhouse Dial N size Conversion or Transitional Dial Ser. III Howard dial redone in 1890's Early single sunk Split Plate dial
MoorhouseFisherFront.jpg (309342 bytes) MoorhouseFisherBack.jpg (389200 bytes) SignedMoorhouse.jpg (327629 bytes) SignedMoorhouseBack.jpg (278907 bytes)
Moorhouse runic dial for Walter Fisher Back of Fisher Dial Plain Signed Moorhouse Plain Moorhouse Signature
UnfinKW20RunicMoorhouse.jpg (316017 bytes) AppletonWatchCoDial.jpg (320545 bytes) fasoldt5.JPG (527480 bytes)
Unfinished KW20 Moorhouse runic dial Appleton Watch Co. Fasoldt sn 359 United States Watch Co. grade sn 24054
Movement.jpg (431788 bytes) Movement.jpg (516983 bytes)
United States Watch Co. grade sn 24046 Marion Private Label Movement & Case United States Watch Co. 1/4 Plate & Bridge sn 272019
Much more to come